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A Movie Premiere in the Metaverse

Client: Gamestop - Rise of the Players Movie



The Challenge: To create a unique VR environment for the premier of the digital version of the film. 

Key Words: 

Gamestop, Gamestop rise of the players, NFT, Metaverse, Metaverse Experience, Movie Premier

Summary: In partnership with Decrypt Studios, we built and hosted the first ever theatrical premiere in the metaverse for GAMESTOP: RISE OF THE PLAYERS to coincide with the digital release of the film. Leveraging existing Brand I.P of both Gamestop and the r/wallstreetbets community we created a drive-in movie theater on the moon with Lambos as theather seats and plenty of ‘diamond hands’.

Our Strategy: In order to create a Metaverse experience for the audience that they could never encounter in the real world developed a drive-in set in the middle of a fantastic moonscape. To make the event even more memorable, each person attending received an NFT that served as both an entry ticket to the premiere and a collectible.

Outcomes and Impact: The premiere was well attended by both the media and the fan community and received a considerable amount of attention on twitter and other social media platforms. Fans could also access a special virtual exhibit on the Spatial platform dedicated to the digital version of the film. The digital version was released to major streaming channels.


McDonald's Lunar New Year Metaverse Activation

Client: McDonald's


Spatial and AltspaceVR

The Challenge: 

Design and program a metaverse activation aimed at the Asian community to celebrate 2022-The Year of the Tiger. 

Key Words: McDonald's, Metaverse, Horoscope, Chinese Zodiac, Zodiac, 2022 year of the Tiger, Lunar New Year, Virtual Reality, VR experience. 

Summary: In partnership with IW Group we designed and programmed a metaverse activation for Mcdonald's in combination with fashion designer Humberto Leon.  Built on both Spatial and AltspaceVR our metaverse activation was cross-promoted in an international commercial campaign targeting the Asian community. 

Our Strategy: Leveraging our background in architectural design, we created “McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs” a VR experience featuring all twelve Chinese zodiac animals. We collaborated with IW Group in creating a virtual exhibit hall for the Zodiac animals and placed each one in front of banners listing the years when its attributes become dominant. Visitors accessing the Hall of Zodiacs could receive horoscope readings based on their Zodiac animal and the year and month of their birth. 

Outcomes and Impact: McDonald‘s cross-promoted our activation by placing spots on Asian television news channels and giving out traditional gifts in its stores. As a result, thousands of people engaged with our virtual reality environment.


A Pop-Up Gaming Experience for McDonald’s and OfflineTV

Client: McDonald's



The Challenge: To create a counterpart metaverse activation of a real-life pop-up store launched by McDonald’s and the viral gaming group OfflineTV.

Key Words: 

McDonald’s, Offlinetv,  offlinetv, pop-up store, metaverse, virtual gaming

Summary: McDonald‘s partnered with gaming personalities OFFLINETV to cross-promote both an IRL fan meetup and a VR metaverse activation. We partnered with IW Group to design and program the virtual event.  Our metaverse build featured a scavenger hunt with winners receiving an IRL prize and created almost 5000 minutes worth of user engagement inside the activation.

Our Strategy: To accommodate the thousands of fans from all over the world who were unable to attend the opening of the pop-up physical store, we designed a virtual gaming space filled with custom Offline TV gaming stations. In order to engage the fans more fully, we built a virtual scavenger hunt with winners receiving real-world prizes.

Outcomes and Impact: Our metaverse pop-up store proved wildly successful with almost 5,000 minutes worth of user engagement inside the activation.


Utah Jazz Virtual Locker Room Experience

Client: NBA Team Utah Jazz



The Challenge: 

Create an experiential virtual locker room experience for NBA team Utah Jazz that fans could access by purchasing an NFT. 

Key Words: Kista Kim, Utah Jazz, locker room, nba team

Summary: Contemporary Digital Artist Krista Kim called on our team to design and build First Sports Team Metaverse NFT for the NBA Team Utah Jazz. The collection sold out in 90 minutes and featured a metaverse tour of a virtual locker room designed by our team. Fans were able to use the design to meet and greet Jazz icons.

Our Strategy: Combining Utah Jazz brand elements with the visual aesthetic of noted digital artist Krista Kim, we designed a virtual locker room where fans who had purchased an NFT could engage with Utah Jazz icons.

Outcomes and Impact: All 30 of the NFTs that gave access to the virtual locker room sold out in 90 minutes. Since 85 percent of buyers were under 30, The Jazz, which has an older fanbase, succeeded in reaching and engaging Generation Z fans in an immersive team meet-and-greet experience.