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Sour Patch Kids on Roblox

Client: Mondelez International



The Challenge: To bring the iconic candy brand Sour Patch Kids into Roblox for a limited time Halloween activation

Key Words: 

Sour Patch Kids, Sour Hollows, Roblox, UGC, Halloween, 

Summary: Mondelez International partnered with Polycount to design and build a Halloween themed Roblox experience for their iconic brand 'Sour Patch Kids'.  Our client had a very strict marketing policy for children so we pitched and executed a game specifically built for the 13+ demographic.

Our Strategy: Our activation was designed with higher fidelity graphics to appeal to an 'older' (13+) demographic.  Additionally, our team included a generous use of 'Free UGC' into the gameplay in order to drive value to the Players and increase traffic to the experience.

KPIs: Our 2 week activation included a very small on platform marketing budget and yielded the following results: 

  • 1,200,000 minutes of brand engagement

  • 20,000 hours/2.3 years of brand engagement

  • 190,000 visits /75% over the age of 17

  • 100% of UGC claimed (11,000 Units)

  • 119 million impressions

  • 89% game rating