Exclusible house pool 001.jpg


Exclusible Penthouse

Platform: Spatial

Summary: Designed for Luxury Web 3 platform Exclusible, our Penthouse design features 500sq meters of living space for NFT enthusiasts to host online meetings and display their collections. Featuring 3 colorways (Quartz, Ruby & Obsidian) and 5 city settings including Paris, Miami, Caledonia, Las Vegas, and Dubai.


Platform: Spatial

Summary: This stunning museum-style environment was originally designed by our team for the Spatial x OpenSea 2021 and Spatial x SuperRare 2021 curated NFT exhibitions. This collector’s edition mint features darker ambient lighting and emissive blue and gold premium accents


Platform: Spatial

Summary: Inspired & Designed by a Nomadic Photographer trashhand, ISOBLOCK is made for those that have never had the opportunity to explore abandoned buildings and forgotten locations. This gallery and event space is meant for those who don’t crave white wall architecture and prefer the gritty and unpolished.

Elipse Labs Studio

Platform: KaviAR

Listing page link: https://mint.elipselabs.com/

Summary: Designed for the SymbiosisNFT X StrangersNFT communities, this studio features ample display space for your Elrond network NFT’s.  Drawing upon inspiration from the SymbiosisNFT and StrangersNFT aesthetic, our design takes you to a futuristic world where you are a passenger on the Journey to Andromeda.

Verses Gallery

Platform: Spatial

Summary: Designed by REAFE STUDIO x Holly Wood NFT in collaboration with Rarible.  Polycount was hired to build out the finished design for use inside Spatial.  VERSES  is a space without borders that brings the art community together to curate, view, and buy art across the digital spectrum, connecting people from diverse creative disciplines across the world

Peace Pavilion

Platform: Spatial

Summary: Designed by architect Max Sheika, the Peace Pavilion is set in the heart of a vast, golden Ukrainian wheat field under a gentle blue sky. Polycount collaborated with Max on this project with all royalties being split between Max and the official Ukraine government’s cryptocurrency wallet, all in support of the people of Ukraine.