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Polycount Creates Fashion's New World and Club Vogue for Singapore Vogue

Within the universe of high fashion magazines, it would be difficult to find one more daring, public spirited and technologically oriented as Singapore Vogue.

Re-launched during the height of the pandemic, it’s very first editorial stated its commitment to “create impactful videos and intelligent stories that inspire readers to drive change for good” and “to elevate the voices of vibrant, extraordinary local creatives”. It further noted that since “A modern Singaporean’s life is built both on-and offline Vogue Singapore reflects that symbiotic relationship by engaging new

technology to heighten the storytelling experience.”

Vogue Singapore’s commitment to foster local talent is manifested by the establishment of the Vogue Foundation which funds the regional Vogue Prize offering winner’s a cash prize as well as mentorship from industry experts in areas such as design, content creation and technology. The publication’s commitment to using technology to tell its stories was manifested by enlisting Polycount to create Club Vogue Singapore, a virtual reality experience designed to introduce visitors to key aspects of the magazine and its programs.

For its September 2022 issue, Vogue Singapore again turned to Polycount ‘s experienced designers who created Vogue’s New World, an immersive virtual world in the metaverse where participants could interact as Ready Player Me avatars and dress them in digital fashions created specifically for the occasion. To enter Vogue Singapore’s New World is to experience a dream space in soft shades of purple while encountering fashion icons like September’s cover star Lina Zhang or the inimitable rock icon Jackson Wang. Participants can learn more about the stars and see them in a variety of alluring fashions.

Polycount’s close collaboration with one of Asia’s most compelling fashion publications is yet another example of Polycount’s global presence. From Vogue Singapore to Japan’s Asahi Breweries and McDonald’s, Polycount works with global leaders across a broad spectrum of industries to activate their presence in the metaverse.

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