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Hugo Boss Immersive Fashion Show


Always Questioning,

Always Innovating,

Always Improving

At Polycount, we believe immersive experiences offer brands a new touchpoint for Gen Z marketing and engagement at a cheaper cost than traditional social media.  Through immersive experiences and gaming brands will see higher engagement times at lower cost.  We call this a  'Cost Per Play' model (vs the traditional 'Cost Per Click' model)

Sour Patch Kids x Roblox


Creating spectacular immersive environments

and experiences for the Metaverse.

Our clients can count on the significant experience we bring to this exciting new revolution in technology. They appreciate that we can deliver world-class quality and innovate with experimental and interactive Metaverse spaces at the same time. With a client list that includes McDonald’s, Vogue, the Utah Jazz, and many others, Polycount draws on decades of experience in creating 3D architecture plus a unique in-the-industry ability to work with the top 17 social VR platforms.


Michael Potts

Founder / CEO

Michael started M2 Studio almost 23 years ago motivated to create a laboratory of ideas and technology focused on the field of visualization. He has been working with virtual and augmented reality solutions for 27 years. He has given numerous talks, podcasts, and lectures on the use of XR technology in modern-day business.  Currently, he works with some of the top companies in the world across a wide spectrum of industries where he advises and develops content strategies to incorporate current XR technologies into their operations.

Brian Fannin

Partner / Creative Director

After exploring a traditional Fine Arts background at University, Brian wanted to see if he could leverage these same techniques when replacing the paintbrush with a computer. The computer has an undo function, after all. Leveraging our studios Architectural background, Brian is most interested in building for Photo realistic Metaverse with high quality designs and high visual fidelity. When not at work, Brian likes traveling and is forever in search of finding the country with the best cup of coffee.


Metaverse Beauty Week


Bringing our clients into the Metaverse

In ways that will enhance their existing brand IP and enable them to engage with digital worlds safely and profitably. Ultimately, the Metaverse will transform a broad range of business functions while opening novel ways of engaging with customers. Our experience in 3D graphics, Architectural Design, and immersive technologies gives us the power to provide insights and solutions that will enable our clients to take full advantage of the vast business opportunities the Metaverse provides.

Amanda Fannin.png

Amanda Fannin

Office Manager

Dayana Guerrero.png

Dayana Guerrero

3D Designer

Gaurav Lunawat.png

Gaurav Lunawat

3D Artist

Cole BW.jpg

Cole Herndon

Unity Developer

Cole BW.jpg

Jorge Bayuelo

Unreal Artist

Alex Antuna.png

Alex Antuna

Senior Artist

Cole BW.jpg

Maryna Semioshyna

3D Designer

Zach Taylor.png

Zach Taylor

Senior Technical Artist

David Ward.png

David Ward

Senior Artist

Nathan Goreham.png

Nathan Goreham

Technical Director

Blue Mavrik.png

Blue Maverik

Design Lead

Josh Colinsworth.png

Josh Collinsworth

Director of Client Engagment

mary mclture.png

Mary Mclntire

3D Artist

Michael Potts.png

Michael Potts

Founder / CEO


Brian Fannin

Partner / COO

Brian Tu.png

Brian Tu

Art Director

Our Team

Designers/ Artists/ Programmers/ XR Experts

200+ Years Experience 3D Graphics

50+ Years Experience XR Technology

150+ XR & Web3.0 Projects

40+ Brand Metaverse Experiences

M2 Studio


For decades our team has strived to bring innovative quality 3D environments to clients all over the globe. With the recent evolution of immersive experiences, we have decided that it was time to evolve our brand as well. For the past 9 months, we have gone by M2 Studio and Polycount. We're saying goodbye to the brand M2 Studio, a 23-year-old business, and embracing our future with Polycount!

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